Parents as Partners

Basic Training for Volunteers

Basic Training is a “must have” for anyone, who would like to volunteer their time at school or chaperone on a field trip. If you have attended Basic Training in the past, you need not repeat it. Just update your volunteer emergency sheet in the front office at the beginning of each school year. Basic Training lasts thirty minutes to one hour and you will receive all necessary volunteer materials. If the dates/times at Copper Creek do not work with your schedule, feel free to take this training at any other school in the district.

Click here to see dates and times throughout the district.

Looking forward to seeing you around campus!!!

DVUSD Volunteer Guidelines, Policies and Procedures

In keeping with the mission statement of the district, the major goal of the volunteer program is to assist schools in providing the best possible education for each student. The services of volunteers are utilized in schools to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Assist teachers and support personnel with non-instructional tasks

  • Provide teachers with more time to work with students

  • Enrich the curriculum and students’ learning opportunities

  • Provide individual attention to those children needing additional assistance

  • Promote a school-home-community partnership for quality education

Volunteerism is encouraged and supported (§ARS 15-102). Volunteers make valuable contributions to educational programs and staff support. The volunteer's role is an important one. For the purpose of these guidelines and procedures, volunteers are defined as those people who donate time in schools or with students on a regular, recurring basis or serve as a chaperone.

Volunteers may not bring other children to school while volunteering. This includes volunteering in a classroom, in the office or on a field trip.